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Birding Australia
(Two Editions)

A Directory for International Birders 

A Directory for Australian Birders 

by Lloyd Nielsen
(author, illustrator, publisher)

Read a complete review in Birders World (UK)

“For years before I published the first edition of Birding Australia in July 2002, I guided many birders including several from overseas. That’s where my survey came from ~ Birding Australia is what they wanted. Even after all these years, I still get emails saying that Birding Australia is such a helpful Directory, also that it saves people hunting on the internet and getting bits of information from a hundred sources, some of which are contradictory.”

Birding Australia is a directory offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date snapshot of birds and birding services across Australia. Good birding areas, key species, best time to visit each region, suggested itineraries, regional maps, local birding contacts, birding tours and guides (including pelagic), accommodation and essential information such as climate, travel, driving in the outback, health and safety tips. Birding Australia set the trend when first published in 2002 and continues to do so, offering birders a wealth of relevant information at their fingertips.

The International Edition contains essential information for birders visiting Australia for the first time. The Australian Edition contains additional sections on the island territories ~ Lord Howe, Norfolk, Macquarie, Heard, Christmas, Cocos Keeling, Torres Strait, plus Ashmore Reef.

Birding sites, birding tours and other businesses listed in Birding Australia are included on their merits and for no other reason. There are no paid advertisements and I have no financial interest in any business listed, except of course my online shop.  

Birding Australia offers reliable, unbiased information based on my lifetime of experience studying Australia’s native birds in the field.


Cost: Single copy $49 plus airmail postage ($15 to UK, Europe, South Africa, USA, Canada, Pacific and Indian oceans areas and Japan; $9.90 to New Zealand); $4.80 within Australia.
Birding Australia
Australian Edition

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Birding Australia
International Edition

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"This significant Directory is essential reading for all DIY bird observers, armchair travellers and anyone interested in Australian birding ~ highly recommended."  
The Bird Observer 831-16

"I'm very grateful to Lloyd's listing of me as a guide and I have gained quite a bit of business as a result. Everyone speaks very highly of his guide."
A leading birding tour operator.

“Please send the Australian edition. My sixth visit to Oz and this time visiting Lord Howe and Christmas islands. Having used previous editions to help me find some superb birds and stay at some great places, I have nothing but praise for your book. Thanks!”
Birder from Somerset, UK

“I’ve been reading all through your Birding Australia Directory (bought it several months ago). It is among the best books of its type I have ever read. A terrific resource for enjoying Australia’s birds, which we are doing.”
Birder from USA

“Can’t thank you enough for such wonderful info in your Birding Australia book! And we are grateful for the species checklists too. Decided we needed more than the two I’ve previously ordered.”
An Australian birder


Broaden your birding horizons!

The increasing popularity of birdwatching in Australia has prompted a number of tour operators, accommodation houses and others to market their product to attract the attention of birdwatchers. Unfortunately many are unfamiliar with the birdwatching scene. Some operate in areas with no species birds. Birding Australia lists only those who know the birdwatching industry and offer genuine birdwatching services and products. However, some accommodation houses unfamiliar with birds and birdwatching are included because they are situated in, or close to, a prime birdwatching locality. 



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